About us



Advance Development Solutions (ADS) is a consulting company based in Seattle, USA.  ADS main areas includes research, training and development in the field of medicine, public health and individual development.  It develops applications to promote connection between patients and healthcare providers, applying research results to predict diseases, and providing training to medical interpreters and the general population.  The company works in close collaboration with national and international partners including academic institutions and government and non-governmental organizations in research and interventions activities to promote public health and knowledge around the world. Main beneficiaries are the vulnerable and disadvantaged groups including women, children, the disabled and the poor.


Our vision is to involve “millions of people at a time” in a common network that shares information about epidemics and diseases, supporting individual daily life, facilitating health service provision and knowledge provision through an open channel, and promoting preventive and educational activities to improve the health and the well-being of individuals.


We apply innovative technology and research to provide the public with up-to-date information about diseases and epidemics to enable individuals’ decision making and informed choices.  We use preventive and educational approach to improve the health and well-being of individuals through adopting an early warning system, promoting healthy lifestyle and facilitating healthcare seeking behaviors.  We focus on self-improvement, community participation and sharing, and lifelong learning.